DennisCreation: Blog en-us DennisCreation (DennisCreation) Sat, 16 Jan 2021 05:13:00 GMT Sat, 16 Jan 2021 05:13:00 GMT Interviews Question by denniscreation What's going on? How's your day going so far. 

Let me know your name and where you were born.


  1. Where did you attend school?

  2. What was your experience like growing up as a teenager? 

  3. What's your religious believes?

  4. If you grew up in the '70s, what was your experience belike?

  5. What was your favorite subject in school?

  6. Did you like your teacher? 

  7. Did you play any sports? 

  8. Can you sing any reggae songs?

  9. Who was your favorite reggae artist?

  10. What's your favorite fruit?

  11. What's the most you've ever eaten? 

  12. What was the most challenging moment in your life? 

  13. Most valuable life lesson learned?

  14. What's your favorite color, and why?

  15. Can you recall a memory or image that brings you joy?

  16. What was your childhood like when you were growing up?

  17. What kind of thing do you like to do?

  18. Have you ever travel?

  19. If you should travel across the united states, which State you would like to visit first? 

  20. How did reggae music start?

  21. How did you become a reggae singer?

  22. How did your music career start?

  23. Have you ever smoked?

  24. Have you ever taken any drugs?

  25. Have you ever drove a tractor-trailer?

  26. Have you ever cooked jerk chicken?

  27. Have you ever been locked up?

  28. Have you ever like any other types of music?


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Texting and driving


Texting and driving, is not good at all, take your eyes off your phone and keep them on the road because texting and driving are not good at all.


Let's see why texting and driving are not good at all because of the disastrous consequences.

Take a moment to think about other people.



  • Your Wife wants you home.


  • Your, Sisters and Brothers, want you home.


  • Your Mother wants you home.


  • Your Father wants you home.


  • Your Coworkers want you home.


  • Your bass wants you home.


  • Your Friends, want you home.


  • Most of all, kids want you home.
Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


Please be safe on the road. Best regards, Dennis Edwards.





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New automobile search John wants to buy a new car next month.

Does anyone know of car dealerships close bye? 

Please leave a comment on my blog. Global.


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Squirrel or possums Squirrels or Possums, who is to blame for the gas line leak on my 2016 Toyota 4Runner?


The reason for the question, I have it in the back of my house, come to realize all the gas leaks out.


So I have it towed to the dealer after they check it. They realize that some animals bite it in two spots.


Please let me a comment.

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Philadelphia Faith Pentecostal House of Prayer Philadelphia Faith Pentecostal House of Prayer

20200126_11030620200126_110306   20200126_11124620200126_111246  


Welcome to Philadelphia Faith Pentecostal House of Prayer.


On behalf of Our Founder,  Pastor Thelma  Jones and Decon Jones, and our new pastor Tricia Bishop, we welcome you all to our church, the place where love is alive-and the spirit of God dwells.


"JOHN 3 VS 16" For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.


Our scripture reading will be taking from (Ephesians 4: 1-12 )

And it will be read by Helder Jones.

Please stand for the Reading of God's words.



Our minister, Christopher Bishop, will do this morning prayer.


Welcome Address
Brother Christopher will do our welcome.


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome,
blessed holy Ghost We welcome you.


We are together again, just praising the Lord.


We are together. In one accord, something good is going to happen.


Something good is in store for one an all. We are together again, just praising the Lord.


Smile a while and give you face a rest, say hello to the one you love the best.


Ask, and it shall be given to you, seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be open unto you.


Anyone Would like to give a Testimony this morning?


Sister Bent will give us a selection. 


Deacon Radcliff  & Deacon Jones will be collecting today's Tithe and offering. 


Brother Nevin will give us a selection. 


I want everyone to stand as we receive the pastor of this House.


Once again, put your hands together for our pastor! Tricia bishop.


Our District, Elder Avery.


Prayer line information

Phone number (712) 770-4748
Access code, 177718#


Sunday School Teacher
Pastor: Michelle Philpotts


Special Greetings
First, I would like to great the holy spirit, who is the head of our lives.

Pastor: Tricia Bishop
Minister: Christopher Bishop

Elder: Jones

Deaconess: Jones

Deacon: Radcliff 

Pastor: Michelle Philpotts


The word of GOD says give Honor to whom Honor is due. 


Tribute to whom tribute is due. Today we want to welcome our District Elder Avery of our Organization PAW- Pentecostal Assembly of the World. 


We are delighted to have him here with us today.  




Address: 1439 Vernon Rd Philadelphia PA 19150

For more information: Call (215)381-7639


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Jamaica Organization of New Jersey Mercer County Chapter

Good afternoon all, JON-J organization would like to make a donation to the central food bank which then gives the food out to all counties. 


The organization is looking for monetary donations from all chapters. Please if you're able to donate you can cashapp to me at $AndreaAshman.


State President and Vice President

Jacinth Clayton-Hunt / Dr. Claudette Lattimore

will be in attendance.




President and Vice President

Alphonso Sewell / Clifton Anderson

of the Jamaica Organization of New Jersey Mercer County Chapter.

_DSC9881Alfonso Sewell President of the Jamaica Organization of new Jersey Alfonso Sewell President of the Jamaica Organization of new Jersey. IMG-20200127-WA0013IMG-20200127-WA0013 IMG-20200127-WA0014IMG-20200127-WA0014



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You are invited to a birthday dinner honoring (Natalee Eva bless) February 15, 2020

Starting at 6 PM-1 AM sharp, please be on time. 

  • Cash Bar, Everything else is on the house 
  • Gifts are welcome. 
  • Dress to impress.



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Monument-Faith in Christ Church Brooklyn New York _DSC0012_DSC0012 Monument-Faith in Christ Church Brooklyn New York (718)972-6654

]]> (DennisCreation) (718)972-6654 Brooklyn Christ Church in Monument-Faith New York Sat, 18 Jan 2020 03:50:12 GMT