Dennis Creation | Faith without works is dead

Faith without works is dead

January 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

DEN_0846DEN_0846 Be humble.
Don’t allows your self to be alominated.
Happiness is an emotion.
Joy is a state of been and peace of mind.
Worship were ever you are. 
We most study the word.
Spirit is a communication. 
Fruit of the spirit is joy.
Things you use to do,  you do it no more. 
Walk in the fruit of the spirit.
Let God have is own way. 
Brake every chain. 
Some sweet day. 
He never fails me yet.
Nothing is too hard for God. 
The word of God is important. 
Faith without works is dead. 
God is a healer. 

As a child of God we must have peace within us.

Especially in today's world where everything is up and down.

At times things weigh us down.

And the only way to find peace is to take a deep breath.

Break free from worrying.

No matter what the troubles trials and tribulation maybe remember he will come true for us.



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